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American Limousine Shopping Aid - #2

Well-informed Consumers are our best clients.

When a person gets a quote for a limousine for a wedding or prom in May, the price seems very high. Months later they may shop another company for a car in January for a Monday night out. The price could be half price compared to the May event from the first company.

The customer may conclude the first company was over-priced. In reality the companies have similar prices. Quotes given at different times of the year and for different hours can, and will, yield significant differences.

Limousines have price ranges and these are determined by different variables. An explanation of some of these variables should help you understand and also help you receive the best transportation service at the best price.

Limousine, Van, LimoCoach price ranges per hour*:

6 Passenger

$55 - $75

8 Passenger

$60 - $85

10 Passenger

$65 - $105

14 Passenger

$65 - $225

15 Passenger

$75 - $150

20+ Passenger

$75 - $200

*Passenger Capacity + Driver

Specialty Cars:

Luxury Sedan

$45- $65

Rolls Royce

$95 - $250


$55 - $70


Proms per person:

$45 - $75

Price range is determined by demand - In the Metrolina region, these are some of the pertinent factors:

Month - Is it a premium month? Mid-March through June and September-December are prime months.

Day - Is it a premium day? Saturday is the busiest day.

Holidays - Memorial Day - New Year's Eve = Prime Time.

Time – Is your event during prime time? Saturday Noon to 6 PM is prime wedding time and 6 PM to ? AM on Fridays & Saturdays in the months of March through June are prom nights.

Special Events - Prom Season, Race Week-ends, Panther Games, Major Golf Tournaments, Pavorotti, Buffet concerts = High Demand

Duration - How many hours will you be renting? Standard is 3-6 hours. Less will have increases in per hour costs.

Vehicle Size - The larger the vehicle the higher the per hour rate.

Pricing is determined by another factor:

Quality of competition - The best company (professional drivers, nicer vehicles, higher standard of service, training costs, etc.) can and should charge more because the customer receives more.

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