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A Discerning Consumer is Our Best Customer

Limousine prices can have extreme fltuctuations. These pages are designed to assist in comparison shopping and help the consumer develop an understanding of industry pricing.

Reality:Anyone with the ability to buy, lease, or finance a limousine can call themselves a limousine company. Unlike taxicabs, limousine companies must rely on repeat business to grow and thrive. The consumer ultimately will be the final arbiter of a limo company's viability as a business. Some websites suggest asking questions which may be somewhat helpful, i.e., regarding vehicles, etc., the most important determinants for the consumer should be licensing, insurance, and driver training.

Reality: Anyone can call themselves a limousine driver. In North and South Carolina, there is no separate chauffeur's license required. There is no national certification program for chauffeurs. Training is up to the individual employer. If you need to transport 15 passengers (less driver) or your vehicle will weigh 26,001 pounds, the driver is required to have a Commercial Driver's License. A CDL is no magic panacea, it simply provides a National Registry instead of a State Registry for tracking violations. You need to ask whose training program (American Automobile Association, Smith, or NSC) is used and what frequency - refreshers are recommended every 12-18 months. Before booking transportation for 8 people or more, ask if the company complies with FMCSA, a negative response means the company is operating illegally. If your group has 15 people, State & Federal law requires a driver who has a CDL.

You should not book with a company unless you can establish whether the company is carrying the correct insurance coverage. If the company is not, and should you be involved in an accident, the potential for insurance company claim denial is high, leaving you and your friends or family in the lurch.

Insurance Required
Driver CDL
1.5 million
1.5 million
5.0 million

. Reality: Federal & State laws require Certificates of Authority for companies operating in interstate commerce, vehicle inspections, driver training and minimum insurance requirements . Ask for an Operating Certificate of Authority, it implies the company operates at a higher standard, which requires they recoup some of these costs. Higher standards = safety for clients.

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